can front row be bookmarked?
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Can Front Row be run in a window, or can videos being played in front row be bookmarked? I hate to have to try to skip back to where i was in a movie or tv show after doing something else...
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Are the items you are playing in Front Row in your iTunes library? If so, highlight one of your items in iTunes, hit Cmd+I to pull up the item's properties and go to the Options tab. Check to see if "Remember playback position" is checked.
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No, it's too hard to convert video files and add them to itunes.. i found that with perian installed, I can just dump all video content in my "movies" folder and it plays fine through front row. Darn.
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You could play the videos in QuickTime since that can be run in a window. It doesn't do bookmarks though, but it is pretty easy to jog to the section if you have to shut the app down. Since all Front Row is is a front end for QuickTime anyway the Perian codecs will work just fine.
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yeah and i can minimize qt, too, without losing my spot... too bad front row doesn't do that. good idea, that's what i'll do.
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You don't have to convert your non-native videos to add them to iTunes, you can just create a reference movie and add that. More details here.
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VLC media player FTW.

The mac interface is smooth, works with Expose, you can even play fullscreen while using windowed apps on top of the video. Best player out there.
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