Why don't male movie stars have nose hair?
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How come those male movie stars never have any nose hair? Is there some magic celebrity nose hair removal technique? Are CGI budgets so high because most of the money is spent removing any hint that Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise has nose hair? Or, do films have a production assistant whose only job is nose hair collection each morning?
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Maybe This?
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Or good old fashioned these. Beauty hurts sometimes.
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The Brazilian Nose Wax.
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Wasn't there a lengthy conversation about male hair removal here (pubic/butt/back/chest/ nose/facial)? Cursory google searches didn't bring up anything more interesting than facial hair, but I'm pretty sure I read a thread which had more in-depth answers (perhaps too in-depth).
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You might be thinking about this thread Sinner. Though there wasn't anything about nose hair removal.
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Don't pluck your nosehair, for a couple of reasons. One, it has a purpose, filtering dust and other junk. Two, plucking offers a high chance of ingrown or infected follicles (partly due to the dust and other junk the follicle is now exposed to).

You should trim nose hairs so that they don't stick out, but, unless you have a real nest, more than that isn't really needed. You don't need an electric trimmer -- most men's toiletry kits will come with a small pair of scissors meant for the job.
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Scissors up the nose? Yikes! Maybe something like this instead: GroomMate.com.
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