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How can I get Internet Explorer to show favicons? I have over 1000 favorites and use FavIconizer to download and save favicons.

Besides looking pretty they help to distinguish bookmarks. I recently upgraded to IE 8 beta, and although I don't know if that is the cause, I now don't have any favicons. I have tried FavIconizer, FavOrg, AM-Deadlink and Icon Restorer and none of them work. The icons download but Explorer is either not looking in the right place or there's a bug or maybe it's a registry/folder setting somewhere because no icons show up. It's driving me nuts! If the sites are resaved then the favicons are added but obviously that would take way too long. Any help? (I don't use Firefox).
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It's my understanding that IE8's handling of favicons is a known issue, and very low down on the list of things the IE team is working on at the moment. That's just a hazard of using a developer's preview (calling it a beta was really premature of them).

I see by your previous question that you ran IE7 when it was in beta too...might I suggest that if you want every feature of a program to work that you stick to released software instead. No snark intended...
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Don't use the IE8 Beta in production. It's only intended for developer testing. You should run it on a test machine or a virtual machine.
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