Help me open this Graco bassinet component.
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How do you open the battery compartment to this Graco bassinet component?

We just got a Graco Contour Electra Play n' Pack Playard/Bassinet. One end of the bassinet has a battery-driven compartment that has a nightlight, music, and vibrating function. I can't figure out how to open the darn battery component, and nothing I've Googled seems to address this particular model. No, we don't have the manual.

Here's an image of the bassinet component, with closeups of the battery compartment. Does this look familiar to anyone? Can anybody show me how to open this thing up without damaging the part? My fingers hurt and my screwdrivers are all bent out of shape.
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I don't see the product manual on the Graco site, so maybe you already looked there. It seems from the picture that the compartment is hinged, and that you should be able to swing it open on the opposite end of the hinge along the part where the battery layout is printed. Have you tried prying that open? This would be on the left part of the piece that has the text about batteries printed.
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Graco stuff that we have always seems to have battery compartments secured with a screw. Perhaps there is one on the other side of the bassinet holding in the hinge or on the side?
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The tab on the left side (of the bottom left picture) doesn't swing down and open up the whole thing, does it?

Wish I could help more. Our similar Graco product has an obvious screw you have to take out to get the batteries, but it's a different design.

Weird their webpage doesn't have a manual. I can't even find this model listed there.
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The panel with the writing on it appears to have a hinge on its right side. Have you tried inserting a flat-bladed screwdriver into that notch just to the left of the writing? That notch looks like it has a plastic spring latch in it.
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