The best kept secret of Japanese architecture?
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Can you tell me more about this beautiful Library/Museum of Picture Books in Iwaki, Japan? It was designed by Tadao Ando and completed in 2004 but doesn't show up in any list of his works.

I came across it while reading the list of The 25 Most Modern Libraries in the World. So far, I only found info on it in this Architecture of the Month page (bottom half) and in listings at Japan Architect magazine and Shinkenchiku magazine.

For such a beautiful museum/library designed by a Pritzker Prize-winning architect, I was surprised that I couldn't find any more info or pictures of it (not even on Flickr!). Bonus points if you can find bigger pictures of the astounding wall of picture books.
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you may have found this while searching, but apparently it was features in interni 576. unfortunately their archives don't include that, but you might find it in a library...
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Best answer: It's called the Picture Book Art Museum - Mado no soto no sono mata mukou (絵本美術館 まどのそとのそのまたむこう). I found a web page with some small photos and detailed descriptions in Japanese. Here's a blog entry in Japanese with photos. GA JAPAN, an architecture magazine, apparently also had a story on it in their November 2005 issue.

Incidentally, it appears that it is intended only for children in the preschool that owns the museum, but they were taking reservations to visit when it first opened in 2005. If you intend on visiting it, this might be an option.
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Response by poster: Thanks armage, that blog entry has wonderful pictures. Hmm, that's an interesting tidbit that a preschool owns the museum. I don't think a visit is in the cards so the pictures and information will have to satisfy.
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