What's this on my grandfather's ring?
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Is there any significance or meaning to the bust / sculpture on this ring?

I got the ring in the contents of a safe-deposit-box that belonged to my grandfather, along with a bunch of old pocket watches and some Masonic jewelry (watch fob, etc). It's clearly a man's ring, as it fits my big fingers.

It looks like some sort of knight as far as I can tell (sorry for the picture; I did the best I could).

Any ideas what the carving on it might be?
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I don't know about any masonic symbolism, but it looks like a standard cameo to me. That kind of carved ebony, ivory, or whatever bust has been common in jewelry since Roman times.
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I don't think there's any kind of Masonic symbolism, but I'm wondering if the cameo is of anybody special (a saint, perhaps?).
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you took the picture with the camera too close to the ring - if you take a picture from a bit further away it should be in better focus. also, if your camera has a "macro" setting, and you didn't use it, try selecting that.
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I did try the macro setting, and this was the best of about 20 pictures I took. If I have time tonight I'll try to get a better shot.
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I've replaced the photo with a much better one, and noted that I should not try to combine zoom AND macro on my camera at the same time.
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Ah, much better photo. According to this ebay seller, "the Roman soldier double cameo was a popular choice in the 1930's". There are similar cameos here and here.
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My first thought was that it might be Constantine, why one would make a Constantine ring is curious though, so I concur on the roman soldier idea. Sometimes in fashion arbitrary figures and ideas become popular and all sorts of things are made with these images on them.
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lunaazul - thanks! That's definitely what it is, and the time frame matches up.
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