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Can you help me find an email address for Harriet Hall, MD - aka the "Skepdoc"?

She's an author on the Science Based Medicine blog and I'd like to send here email regarding a post she wrote instead of commenting in the thread. The blog seems to have no "contact us" page, even when one registers and logs in. It just seems so odd!

A google search tells me only that she contributes to a number of blogs (also with no way of contacting her) and there's a picture of her on Flickr.

Any ideas? I'd like it to be as professional as possible, if that makes any sense.

Thank you, as always.
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Best answer: According to this It's just harriet.hall@comcast.net

although two years old
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Sorry bad link and bad preview :)
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Response by poster: Thanks! Not sure how I missed that. Let's test it out!
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