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Anyone know of a good PHP library that will allow me to pull cover art images from Amazon?

I'm not much of a coder, but I'm working on a project right now that needs to pull DVD cover art from Amazon. Does anyone know of existing PHP scripts that can help me learn about doing so? I've got an amazon web associates key, but I'm not sure what to really do from there.

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If you want a basic example of searching the catalog, the page "Implementing an Amazon Associates Web Service Request" in the Getting Started guide has a bare-bones client in about 40 lines of code. Use the Developer Guide and adjust the request parameters to taste.
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I'd strongly recommend The Web Developer's Guide To Amazon E-Commerce Service: Developing Web Applications Using Amazon Web Services And PHP. It's a cheap book, and it gives plenty of code examples. (You might have to update a little of the code for the latest version of AWS, but that's easy enough).

Getting all of the technology to work together - the PHP request, parsing the XML that's returned, and presenting the data with XSLT - can take a little work, but it's also very rewarding.
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The Zend Framework has an Amazon services component:
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I don't know about PHP - but I used an open-source program called "Album Art Downloader" available on SourceForge. All of it's sources are small scripts written in another scripting language (Boo) - the main application source is C# I believe.

However, they should be straightforward enough to quickly translate to another technology/language.
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It's a long shot, but if you're already working with Drupal, I wrote an Amazon product data downloader that can be used for what you're describing. has it, and someone used it to build

simple CURL requests and a dollop of SimpleXML to parse the results will get you far.
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Perhaps this.
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