Indian consumer-oriented research service?
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I'm looking for a company based in India, cited in a story I heard on NPR sometime in the past week or so, that handles a given number of Joe Consumer research queries per month for a flat fee.

The reporter in the story used the example of calling the service around 5pm on a Friday, trying to find a part for a bike, just wanting to know who locally had the part, how much it cost, and if they could set it aside for him to pick up; the service was able to accomplish this in a short period of time.

Normally I can find these stories searching the NPR or WBUR site, but not even Google is helping me this time.
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I didn't hear about it on NPR, but longer ago on a blog. But it sounds like exactly the same thing.
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Response by poster: It is similar, but I should have clarified: the company is based in India, but will call anywhere and is not India-specific in it's searching.

Good find, tho, thx.
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I heard an interview on one of our local stations (not NPR) with the creator/owner of Get Friday. In researching that service, I also came across a similar service called Ask Sunday. I haven't used either one.
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Best answer: In this story, the guy cites Ask Sunday using the bike part example.
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I guess I should have clarified. YourManInIndia runs GetFriday, which covers international requests. The link to those services are midway down the link I gave, or here.
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Response by poster: @milkrate: Thank you!

@cocoagirl: Interesting second service to look at, thanks for the link. :)
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