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Are there any good website where they analyze a movie thoroughly just as though you are in a film class (from cinematic, philosophical, psychological, etc. perspectives)?
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This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but I've always found the movie reviews at Media Circus to be pretty compelling.
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The Criterion Contraption was doing a great job working through all of the movies in the Criterion Collection with in-depth analysis, but sadly hasn't posted anything since April.
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Film summaries are here, click on the "film summary" links. About the same as Cliffnotes for films.
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There's a whole world of amazing blogs written by hardcore cinephiles, both professional and amature.

In the realm of non-bloggy websites, you might be interested in Yuri Tsivian's Cinemetrics. And there's also Senses of Cinema (whose own links page is a wonderful resource), Jump Cut, Rouge, Bright Lights Film Journal, and many other web-based publications.

There are also many critics whose work is available online: Fred Camper, Jonathan Rosenbaum (see also the archive of film writing at the Chicago Reader, ignoring everything by J. R. Jones who isn't that good), Chris Fujiwara, etc.

And it's not very analytical, I guess, but The Art of Memory is a very beautiful (sometime) movie blog.
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One thing to consider is also to look for a specific film rather than an all-encompassing site. I've found several amazing articles written about specific films, but they are usually not on the same site. Wikipedia is a good place for links about specific films.
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There's Metaphilm: We absorb, filter, review, and interpret cinema for your entertainment and enlightenment.

Though they seem to have low frequency of posting articles.
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Film of the Year is like a film history class in blog form. He started in 1895 and he's now up to 1948. Each post looks at a film from a certain year and analyzes it in terms of film history, technical advances, etc.
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