How to get photos from Easyshare to memory card using a Mac
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Mac/Kodak EasyShare question

From another message board to which I post:

If you have a Mac and Kodak Easyshare software, please help me! Sorry, but I'm computer illiterate.

Here's what I'm trying to do: I had 2 memory cards full of pictures so I plugged in my camera to the computer and uploaded them onto the Kodak Easyshare thing (that's just the automatic thing that pops up since the camera is a Kodak. I could put them in my iPhotos, too).

Now my friends want to see the vacation photos today, so I'm trying to figure out how to copy them BACK onto the memory card(s) so I can show them from my camera. (There are WAY too many pictures to print them out.) There's gotta be a simple way to do this but I can't figure it out cuz I never do this stuff. I'm not much of a picture person and almost never use my camera or the Easyshare thing.

I've got the blank memory card in the camera, I've got the camera plugged into the computer. When I open Kodak Easyshare, the name of my camera comes up (along with all the photos I've got uploaded from the last however many years). So I've tried dragging and dropping photos there, and copying, and all that crap. But the memory card is still not listing photos on it. I've tried going to the help menu. No dice. I've also looked for my instruction booklet that came with the camera, but of COURSE I can't find it (though since I keep every bit of paperwork, I can certainly find the fucking pamphlet that came with the CEILING FAN in my bedroom. So necessary.)
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I have a Kodak digital camera and I am completely astonished that such a thing would even be possible . . . and I've just realized that I'm inches from my instruction book. It doesn't look like you can do this. You can transfer to a computer, or transfer to a card from the internal memory, but there's nothing that indicates that you can upload pictures to your camera. Sorry.
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If your blank memory cards show up as "drive letters" in your system (click "My Computer" if you're running Windows XP or higher and look for something like "Removable Storage" or the like.), I believe, from memory alone that Easyshare saves to a directory somewhere on the computer. I believe it may be under "My Pictures" somewhere. If both of the above are true, it should be as easy as "Copy/Paste" from one location to another. There are many sites that show how to copy/paste. Type "Copy Paste Tutorial" in Google of send me a message if you need further help.
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Try a separate memory card reader, it will show the cards up as a separate drive, just like a USB jump drive.
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Again, the person who on a Mac....does that change anything?

She just wants the pics back on the card in a way that the camera will be able to access.

I know it can be done in Windows. I just know very little about Mac.
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Limited slip has it. I don't think your friend can re-save the pictures to the memory card via her camera, but she can do it using a card reader. I have this exact same set up (iBook G4/Kodak Easy Share) and here's what just worked for me.

I put my blank memory card into a card reader which showed up as a drive on my desk top. iPhoto will probably open, but you don't want to access the pictures from there. You need to navigate to the picture files on the hard drive (on my computer this is Mac Harddrive->Pictures->iPhotoLibrary. At this point she needs to find which folder has the picturesshe wants are. I think iPhoto has a year/month/roll convention unless your friend has set it up differently. It won't work to use "Album" data, because these are just shortcuts to the files, not the actual files themselves. Once you find the folder, you can just drag and drop the photos onto the icon for the card reader on the desk top, and it will copy them. Then just pop card back into the camera, and you should be able to view them.
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It sounds like the camera (like almost all newer cameras, within the last 5 years) functions as a memory card reader when plugged into the computer and the easy share is simple an added bit of software to try to make it easier to get the pics off (just like iphoto). If you plug in the camera and open finder it should appear in the "Devices" section on the left of the finder window. know all you need to do is drag the folder with all the pictures "onto" the camera as it appears in the "Devices" section.
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