What can my kids and I make out of an old washer and dryer?
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What can you make out of an old washer and dryer? My kids and I are looking for something to do. You can help!
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giant aquariums? the entrance to tunnels/spaceships/forts/playhouses? (says the whole-life apartment dweller) : >
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I was thinking it would be cool to have an old washer or dryer (provided they were semi-functioning) to mess with clothes in. Like if you had a brand new pair of jeans, and you run them through those machines with a bunch of rocks, will they get broken in? Is that what stone washing is? What about acid washing? Or t-shirts...if you screen a shirt, what happens when you wash/dry it loads of times with different stuff in the machines?

Another thing I've wondered about is you know how when a washer is really poorly loaded it goes crazy? If you mess with that enough, could you get the washer to walk across the room? How about the dryer? maybe they could race.
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Industrial-sized rock tumbler?
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Use the motors to power some kind of sculpture, using the metal from the appliance cabinets for the sculpture bits.
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You could get an old supercharger and make the kids pay 2 bits a bucket for all the puke they can carry.
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margarita machine!
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If they are working and use any of the industrial style ideas above, please keep a watchful eye in case they catch on fire.
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