Bouncy wall, no problems?
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I'm looking for a big, isolated concrete or asphalt lot in San Francisco that butts up against a tallish brick wall. I want to be able to bounce hard rubber lacrosse balls off of this wall for hours at a time and never be bothered by anyone. Anyone know of a place like this?
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Grattan Playground has some tall walls on the south side.
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I don't know if they open school yards to the public anymore, but you could try seeing if you can get into the yard of Aptos Middle School. It's one block up from Ocean Avenue out in Ingleside. Back in the day, we used to play handball against one of the walls for hours. They had one wall that wasn't part of a building so it didn't have any windows.
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What you are looking for is a handball court. They have at both the Basque Center and the GAA (gaelic games) grounds. Googlesearch. I tried googling for outdoor-handball-court, but got only obscene results for some reason! A raquettball court might work for you too, but it was handball that first sprang to mind.
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I used to practice kicking a soccer ball at a park that had tennis courts. One of these park/tennis court facilities had a huge tall wall used for practicing tennis by yourself/hitting the ball of it. You might keep an eye out for this when you pass any tennis courts. It was built against the chain link fence surrounding the courts.
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There are handball courts in GG park, but I can't recall where, exactly.
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