Identify my plant and its pest
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What is this plant? And what is eating it?

We moved here last September, and the plant was in similar shape then. I just assumed it was a goner, but this year it sprouted leaves, which were summarily eaten again. Its tenacity has inspired me to save it. Swarms of above-pictured bug are flying around it all day, so I'm assuming that's the culprit but I'm not sure. More pictures of the devastation here. Any tips to organically eradicate the pest would be appreciated, but I figure once I know what I'm up against, my google-fu will be sufficient. We're in Aberdeen, NJ, which is zone 7, if that helps. Thanks!
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Pretty sure that's a hibiscus. Not sure about the bugs.
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It's a hardy hibiscus. Looks like Japanese Beetle damage, but that's not a Japanese Beetle. You may try some insecticidal soap, or Sevin dust, to kill them.
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Here's a page about the plant, which is also known as a Rose Mallow or Confederate Rose. I have three pink ones in my yard; I didn't know they grew that far north. I don't know about the bug, but I bet the people on that site, Dave's Garden, can help you.
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Possibly the Mallow or hibiscus sawfly.
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The insect looks like a mallow sawfly. Unfortunately, I'm not finding any good info on organic methods of removal other than picking off any bugs and spraying with neem oil.
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Yeah, they used to have one of those outside my gym-it was similarly bugeaten.
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Thanks guys! I guess it makes sense that a mallow would be eaten by mallow flies.
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