dc area part-time planning degrees?
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Looking to do a part-time urban planning masters degree or a certificate in the DC area. I'm looking at going back to school part-time (I currently work in the federal government in transportation), and I would like people's thoughts on area schools and their programs (Catholic vs UMaryland, etcetera). Does anyone have positive or negative experiences (especially as a parttime student?), or can recommend any other area schools?

This is anonymous because I would prefer my employer to know about my plans when I actually decide to make them.
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I don't have too much detail unfortunately, but I know a friend of mine got his masters in urban planning (or something very similar) through Virginia Tech. They have a campus in Arlington (or Falls Church?) and he did all his classes while living up here. Initially part-time, and then full-time. He really enjoyed his time there, and I really only heard positives (about classmates, teachers, etc.). So, yeah; sorry for the lack of detail, but I'd look at Virginia Tech.
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You seem to be looking for anecdotes, but also check out the Planning Accreditation Board. I wouldn't even consider a school that wasn't on this list. Also, Cyburbia would be a good place to ask this question.
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I second asking this question at Cyburbia. they love this kind of question.
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If you are interested in land use economics, you can get a Masters of Science in Real Estate on a part time basis via Johns Hopkins at the DC campus, located on Massachusetts Ave just below Dupont Circle.
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The Virginia Tech Masters in Urban Planning program inigo2's friend probably used in actually located in Old Town Alexandria. Learn more here.
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You can pay for planetizen's guide to programs, but I'm not sure that you'll get your $20 worth.

Both Maryland and Vtech are supposed to be quite good, Catholic's program is brand new so I don't know anything about it.

Area of strength/expertise might matter quite alot depending on the campus so check into that
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