Help me find this toy!
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I have some pieces of this toy from when I was a child. My son loves them, and I'd like to find the rest of the set. The problem is, I don't know the name or manafacturer of them.

This toy was probably produced between 1978-1983.

It is a "bug house", complete with a hand powered elevator (the handle is in the shape of a spigot) that takes the bugs to the top. The top is green plastic (grass) and the house is brown (dirt). The front is open like a doll house.

The characters were little plastic bugs (caterpillar, beetle, etc).

Inside the house there were cutesy things like gum-wrappers for curtains, a little sink, and a "bean pod" for a bed. There was also a removable tuber that one of them could sleep in. There was also a car that was a bowl-shaped leaf with wheels.

I'm guessing it was made by Fisher Price, Playskool or something similar.

I have Googled every combination I can think of, and still cannot find it.
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There must be sites and blogs for toy collectors... have you searched among them?
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Was this for the doodlebugs of Sesame Street fame?
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Playskool - Bug World
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NO! It was Glo-Worms!!!!!!!
My fave. I have a pic somewhere at home.
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Ooh, also, I think it would have to have been made around 1985-7, 'cause I know I was a little older in that picture.
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These? (More.) I canNOT find a pic of the house online. Sorry, I am just super excited because that was one of my favorite toys ever.
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This was called "Bug World"
Here is a photo
Bug World
It was made by Playskool
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Here is one on ebay
You could probably still contact that seller, it never sold.
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