Hook up TWO monitors to a laptop?
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Any way to hook up TWO (2) additional monitors to a laptop. One (1) is easy, but anyway to do TWO?
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You're not the first to ask this; search the archives - the basic answer is that the Matrox DualToGo isn't quite perfect, but it's nearly always sufficient.
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Go to google look up the words Dual Head2GO
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Here is one relevant AskMefi (technically about a single-output desktop, but functionally the same situation).
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You have two options for this (that I know of).

1. The aforementioned Matrox Dual Head To Go. This works pretty well for most situations.

2. Your second option would be using something like DisplayLink's USB to DVI adapter.

Although I use a laptop as my only machine, I've never needed to use either of these products. They both have (mostly) positive reviews, so you should figure out for yourself which would work better.
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Dual Head to Go. USB Video Cards will make you very unhappy.
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Nthing the DH2G. It's the only practical way.

The inability of laptops to support many monitors easily or inherently is their biggest drawback to me, but I'm a monitor whore.
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Some laptops (e.g. high-end Dells) have both DVI and VGA ports. A friend uses this to connect two monitors.

And sometimes the docking stations have both DVI and VGA ports -- this is how I have two monitors connected to my Thinkpad T61p.

And with other docking stations there are PCI-Express slots where you could add another video card (perhaps even a dual- or quad-head card) -- yet another friend exploits this for multi-monitor support.

Also, I have heard of USB video adapters -- can't speak directly as to how well this works.
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You're going to want the DualHead2Go.

Make sure you get the Digital Edition if you plan on using widescreen monitors. Otherwise, sadness will ensue as it downscales.

I use one every day, and I wrote up a full review on it here which covers some of the things you need to be aware of.

Do NOT do the USB route. That will make you very angry.
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The ViDock system has been in development, and currently in beta. They've been promising to release "Any Day Now" for a while.
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