Supermarket Salt Lick?
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Are salt licks sold in supermarkets?

I have a childhood memory of being in Buttrey's supermarket in Missoula, Montana in the late 1960's and seeing salt licks or "salt blocks" for sale. Though I've traveled throughout the US and Canada, I don't ever recall seeing a salt lick for sale in a supermarket ever again. As I've gotten older, I've began to wonder if this was a false memory.

I understand that small, rural grocery stores might carry such things, but I'm wondering specifically about urban supermarkets.

I think salt blocks are also used for water conditioning, so perhaps that's what I saw, and not a salt lick for livestock.

BTW, the same store had a tube tester...
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Unless the store is also selling goods for livestock, I'd guess not. Anything that sells deer fencing probably sells salt licks.
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They have salt blocks at the King Soopers I sometimes shop at in Denver.

I have no idea if they are for licking, but they are big blocks of salt in both white and a taupe color.
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In highschool worked as a stock clerk at a supermarket in a suburb of Chicago which sold salt blocks (although I believe they were for water conditioners, but I can't recall exactly, this would have been about 8 years ago. I haven't paid much attention since then, but I imagine they're still around.
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They were for water softeners -- I suspect this or this is what you recall.

Supermarkets tend to have bags of salt pellets for water softeners these days instead of the big blocks of the 70s. Hardware stores may carry the big blocks. I imagine this does vary regionally depending on how hard the water is.
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They are commonly sold in NW suburban Chicago and SE Wisconsin in my experience. The kind for animals are sold all over Wisconsin; I'm pretty sure it's some kind of state law.
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We had them in the rural Chicago western burbs. At the "Eagle" and the Piggly Wiggly.

Advice: if you're going to use a salt lick for your tequila party, be sure it's the one without "minerals" in it. Just sayin...
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yep, they used to sell the 5# bricks and 50# blocks in the local independent (IGA) in Ohio where I grew up.

white = softener salt or "plain", that plus hunters put the 50# white blocks out to attract deer in gun season.
brown = minerals added for horses
yellow = sulfur added for goats/sheep/cattle (old-school mastitis preventative iirc)

we used to buy assloads of the 5# brown blocks at the IGA cos they were cheaper than going to the Landmark (feed/seed/supply). We'd bust them into chunks and toss them in the horse feed tubs to keep them from wolfing their food and colicking.
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"Salt licks" were sold in supermarkets in South Carolina at least up until the mid-80s when I was a kid. They were sold for deer hunters...

Haven't seen one at least since then though... check a feed store.
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I definitely recall seeing salt licks for sale in grocery stores in the smaller towns of upstate/central New York when I was growing up (1980s).
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Born in 1976 and I remember salt licks in the supermarkets of southcentral wisconsin.
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I totally remember salt licks; they were sold in the grocery stores in Madison, WI. So, even the People's Republic of Madison had a need for them. I assumed it was for deer hunting.
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Salt licks were sold in the Cleveland area in the past, but I suspect their disappearance from store shelves in linked to recent (in the last twenty years) efforts to discourage deer from hanging around the 'burbs.
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I have never seen salt licks at the grocery store, but the HEB grocery store here in Austin, TX sells deer corn for suburbanites who like to feed deer. I was very surprised to see that they have also started to stock Pig Likkor.
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Thank you for the input. My childhood memory was probably correct.
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