Looking for a poem about Betelgeuse, Altair and Orion
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Betelgeuse, Altair and Orion Is this poem's initial lion Sorry - line - but I've searched everywhere For "Orion, Betelgeuse, Altair" ...

I have a very (very!) dim memory of a poem that might go something like this:

Betelgeuse, Altair and Orion
Something something something [scion?]
Something something something [bleah!]
Orion, Betelgeuse, Altair ...

Please give unto me your recondite (or embarrassingly obvious) candidates for this motherfucker of a memory-worm. Failing which, your suggestions for places or ways in which to research the question will be accepted most graciously and with no little obseqiousness.

Yay, even unto the far-off places of the world shall I, your most humble inquisitor, praise the nomenclature of he or as the case may be she whom doth give unto me the good oil.

Of course I may have dreamt the whole thing, but I'm not usually that subconsciously creative (and neither consciously, before you snark it).

And if this turns out to be from episode #5,378 of Star Trek I'll eat my own kling-ons in shame.
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Like dry sticks breaking, an ancient voice crackled Orion, Betelgeuse, Altair,
What twice-born star shall be my heir, Doomed again to be this scion

- J. G. Ballard, found via Google Books
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Thank you twice, roger ackroyd! Champion!
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My pleasure, tqk.
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