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Small stationary bikes?

I need a stationary bike to do some mellow aerobic exercise in the disgusting heat of August and other similar awful weather.

It needs to be, in this order:

1) Small, possibly small enough to fit under a desk
2) Cheap
3) Adjustable

I was thinking about something like this.

Any ideas?

Anywhere in NYC that has a good selection of teeny tiny bikes to choose from?
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What you posted isn't a bike, it's just a set of pedals, and is unlikely to provide much exercise nor be entertaining. I'm not sure what you mean by "teeny tiny bike", I get an image of the tricycles that elephants ride in the circus, and it's not particularly useful for human beings to ride such things.

If you want something exercise-bike-like but doesn't take up too much space, you may want to consider a folding bike (like from Dahon) and an indoor trainer (like from CycleOps). Won't be cheap though, but you'll have an actual bike for the other ten months of the year. Don't forget to buy a fan and drink lots of water.
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Do not get the set of pedals. They aren't very useful, they need to be stable somehow, otherwise they move/slide all over the place.
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