Photoshop hides photos' upper border
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Photoshop 7 filter: when I sequentially open multiple photos using (Windows XP) Explorer's right click context menu Open With command, the top of the previously opened photo always disappears underneath Photoshop's toolbar at the top of the picture viewing area, making it impossible to grab and move the photo down and see all of it. It doesn't happen when I use Photoshop's own Open option on the file menu. Any ideas what's going on hereand how to fix it?
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No idea why this would be happening, but something that might work here:

Click somewhere in the window that you can't move.
Press Alt+Space on the keyboard.
Use the arrow keys or the mouse to select the "Move" option.
Move the window back into view using the arrow keys.

This may not work, depending on if Photoshop 7 uses "normal" Windows windows, or if it uses its own special ones. You can use this trick on other Windows windows that go off-screen too.
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You simply need to "Cascade" the open images:

Just go to Window>Arrange>Cascade and all of the images will be stair-stepped on top of each other.

Then you can drag them around to your heart's content.
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This happens on my Mac sometimes. I just hit 'tab' to hide the toolbars and move the windows to where I want them. Might work on Windows too.

If there are lots and lots of Windows, I'll do Window>Arrange>Cascade.
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Thanks, everyone!
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Oh wow. This happens to me, too, when I use my still-lovely copy of Photoshop 7. Thanks for this question!
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jon4009: Because they're MDI child windows, it would be Alt+- (minus) instead of Alt+Space.
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