Can anyone recommend some doctors in Pittsburgh?
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Can anyone recommend some doctors in Pittsburgh? I live in Shadyside (w/o a car, but could take the bus or Zipcar) and am looking for both a primary care physician, as well as a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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For primary care, I can recommend Friendship Medical Associates in Friendship. Good fast service, friendly staff and they are usually able to see you same day if needed.
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I can't suggest anyone good, but I can tell you who NOT to use: Arthritis and Internal Medicine in Oakland. I think the main doctors are Starz and Gold. They are nice enough, but, even with an appt., you will wait 3 hours to see them.
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For primary care, I've been pretty happy with the Shadyside Family Health Center, which might be convenient for you. They're on Centre right on the 71A line. The one caveat is that I've spent longer waiting around in exam rooms than I'd like. I try to get in early in the day, before they've had a chance to get too backed up. But otherwise I've been very happy with my care there. My original PCP no longer works there, but I see Dr. Stiefel now and like her a lot. I can't vouch for their other doctors, though.
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Hey everyone! Thanks for the recommendations. I really appreciate it. (Even / especially the negative recommendation.)
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