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I'm looking for opinions on the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, whether you've done it, or know someone who has. In particular - opinions on the online course.

Cos you know, I'm not in LA and can't be. Google has led me loads of news on alumni and whatnot, but not much reviewing of the experience (particularly the online one). Any other experiences with other online courses are welcome.

Please don't tell me I should just write until my hands drop off and that I don't need a class. Just advice on actual course if you could...

Thanks everyone!
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Best answer: I haven't taken the entire program, but I've taken several courses (including a screenwriting course) at UCLA extension, and I highly recommend those programs. I wasn't going to respond, but since no one else has offered anything else up yet, I thought I'd give my suggestion of little substance: the program advisors have been very helpful to me, and I would recommend calling them. You can ask questions about the program and ask if you can be referred to students who have taken it for their opinions. Of course, all of this information will likely have a pro-UCLA bent, but you can at least get a feel for why these people liked it and judge whether you'd want the same things in a program.
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When I was a UCLA student I had a few friends in the screenwriting program. They all were very pleased with the coursework, the professors, the advising, and the connections they were able to make. One got a great internship cum full-time job and the others are doing quite well freelancing.
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