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What can I use for at-home box squats?

I'm trying to do the one-legged squats and one-armed pushups from the Naked Warrior, but I'm having trouble finding "starter" boxes. If you're unfamiliar, these are what you sit on to do a less-than-complete squat. They should also be usable to elevate the pushup.

Ideally these would be stackable, stable on either hard floor or carpet, and sturdy enough to support bodyweight. Maybe two feet across, half a foot deep?

What are these called and where can I get some? Cheap would be best as they're just a temporary crutch.
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Step stool, chair, cinder blocks, milk crate, upside down trashcan, 5 gallon bucket . . . the list goes on.
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are you talking about a plyo box?

if so check this
plyo box plan in pdf
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I always used Aerobic Steps for this. You might need extra risers to get high enough but these were great and support much more weight than you'd think. If this is too long I beleive they make smaller platforms as well.
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Stairs? This helped me break through with the one legged squats:

The Stair-Step Approach to One-Legged Squats
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Why not make some? A few 2x4's, and some plywood ought to do it. Best of all, you get to pick the height and size of each one. All you'll need is $20-$30, and most of a weekend afternoon.
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