Female vocals on Hüsker Dü's Hare Krsna?
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Who sings the (female) backing vocals on Hüsker Dü's song Hare Krsna off of Zen Arcade?
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Best answer: There are female backing vocals? I just assumed it was Grant Hart; his voice can be pretty high-pitched.
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Best answer: Apologies if you have the liner notes and looked already, but if not: the only clues are that all three are credited (generally on the album, not for the specific song) with bk. vocals, and the only specific mention for the song is that "Grant did all the stuff to 'Hare Krsna'". I'm tempted to agree that he could be doing the backing vocals as part of that "stuff".
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According to the Wikipedia entry on the album, Dez Cadena apparently did backing vocals on 'What's Going On?', but that's a different song, and Dez is a he.

Now, there were a number of women associated with the SST crowd at the time (late '83-early '84) so if it's definitely a woman's voice you hear (don't have the track with me; I hate it so I deleted it from my mp3 rip of the album) it could be anyone. Naomi Petersen, perhaps?
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Best answer: I too always thought it was Grant singing high.... (pitched)
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Response by poster: I always interpreted it as a female's voice (and at some point I got the funny idea it was Aimee Mann, which just reinforced my bias) - but after listening to a live version (and assuming Grant Hart sings the chorus) I was clearly mistaken.
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