Needed: Tips on Traveling with dogs in Washington .
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I need advice and tips on traveling with two dogs through Washington. I must go from Moscow ID to Vancouver WA to Bellingham WA, then back to Moscow. Any ideas for dog friendly places to see or stay, (or to sit, lie down and roll over)?

The details: One dog is a 4 year old Glen of Imaal Terrier; the other a 9 month old LARGE mixed breed puppy. I have to start with Vancouver , WA (traveling on Hwy 84) for a work commitment, then up Hwy 5 to Bellingham for a puppy family reunion, then back to Idaho (probably via Hwy 90). I especially need good places/hotels to stay in at night that are pet friendly and places to stop for the dogs to run around and frolic in the midst of all this driving.
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I believe most motel 6's take dogs up to a certain size and weight...sounds like you'll want to leave the size and weight out when checking in though.
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This website seems to have a list of pet-friendly lodging. You can also type in your route to find hotels along the way.
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You don't mention your budget at all but I can tell you I go everywhere with my dog, and on the road, when I'm only looking for a cheap place to crash at night, I inevitably choose Motel 6 time and time again. I always ask for a room on the first floor and in the back so I can easily take the dogs out and not worry about foot traffic, since Caye may occasionally bark if he hears people walking outside the room. Most seem to have some sort of grassy area for dogs. They don't charge extra for having a pet either, which I appreciate. I like that checking in with a dog is treated with no fuss at all, whereas other hotels tend to make you sign your life away for the privilege of having the dog stay there.

I just stayed at a great cottage in Mendocino and shared the place with 2 friends. I had the pull out couch and it was $20 a night for me. I also had the dog and it cost $25 a night for him. Go figure.
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