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Looking for music with an an anti-violence, anti-sexual assault message.

A friend who works for a battered women's shelter has asked me to find music for his fledgling Spanish/English radio show. So far he's played music produced by Todd Denny which is geared toward youth, but music appealing to all demographics is sought. Spanish music is especially welcome.
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Toni Childs - "I've Got to Go Now"

(A ringtone? Who the heck wants a ringtone of that song? Unless it's an individual ringtone for the ex's number ...)
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Fugazi's song Suggestion might to the trick. It's more in the vein of putting the listener into the mindset than directly saying it's bad, although I don't think there's any question that he's trying to say that as well.

Yes, it's a guy singing it. I'm linking to this YouTube video because you can hear it and see the words at the same time.
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Fugazi's "Suggestion" made a big impression on me as a kid - can't find an MP3 of it at the moment, but it's available on their "13 Songs" CD.
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I'd have to suggest Tori Amos. She's written some songs about her experience of sexual assault that are hard to listen to, but very powerful. "Me and a Gun" is the one most explicitly about rape, I think. Although I'm not sure how radio-friendly it is!

Just to clarify, is this radio for the women's shelter? (So he'd want songs that are non-triggering and women-friendly). Or is he starting an unrelated radio station and wants to be generally sensitive of this issue? Or does he want songs that are explicitly anti-violence? (Hope that makes sense.)
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check out Bikini Kill.
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There's a few I know:

Baby Face's How Come How Long

My Name is Luka

There's also a few Mailing Lists on this subject. I hope it helps.
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Atmosphere- That Night.
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"Infection" by Bad Religion. And I hate to say it, but "Date Rape" by Sublime.
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Thanks for all the suggestions--I'll track them all down and let him choose. badmoonrising: no, the show is broadcast from a local college radio station so it's not playing within the shelter itself unless someone decides to tune in. All radio-appropriate suggestions are welcome.
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This compilation is all songs and spoken word about violence against women.
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Lots of Ani DiFranco's songs would fit.
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I dunno what the demographic of his show is but the first thing that comes to mind is "Take Back Control" by Stretch Armstrong.
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Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Hold Her Down"
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Lots of stuff by Michael Franti and Spearhead would fit the bill.
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Definitely, 2pac's Keep Ya Head Up.
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It's not uplifting (and is actually very depressing), but Lisa Germano's song "A Psychopath" is about sexual assault, and actually features a 911 call from a victim as part of the song. It's haunting and difficult and affecting.

There's also Joan Jett's "Go Home," which is somewhat related to the rape and murder of Mia Zapata.
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Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down

Definitely fits the bill.
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Here's one you weren't expecting, Alice Cooper, Only Women Bleed.
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Sage Francis - Broken Wings

This one is at least 35 times better a song and just as relevant as the one I posted above
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The Cocorosie song By Your Side touches on domestic violence.
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"Johnny Hit And Run Pauline" by X.
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Sleater-Kinney- Anonymous, Taking Me Home, and pretty much anything off their album "Call The Doctor". It's a consistent theme with their music and is more radio-friendly than some of the other suggestions (though they are good too!).
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Not quite against violence per se, but Sarah Jones's message of empowerment, independance and anti-misogyny in 'Your Revolution' seems like it might be appropriate.

Lyrics, Youtube. I think there's a few remixes floating around if the sound of that one doesn't suit you.
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There's always Consolidated, for those that can stomach it.
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Also 7 Year Bitch's ¡Viva Zapata! album - some of the songs refer to The Gits' lead singer Mia Zapata's attack and murder. Mind you, some the sentiment is vigilante and so mightn't meet the anti-violence criteria
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Since you mention Mia Zapata, check out the Home Alive compilation, too.

And since someone mentioned Tupac's 'Keep Ya Head Up,' it might be worth noting, before you decide to play that particular song, that Tupac was also convicted of sexual abuse.
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Another in the theme: Joan Jett's Evil Stig is a live project featuring herself and members of The Gits. I believe the original show was played in support of fund-raising efforts of a group formed to keep Mia Zapata's murder in the public eye (and hopefully find her killer).

And in a complete change of format, Terri Clark's Everytime I Cry is about repeatedly taking back a boyfriend/girlfriend. But she received so much feedback on it as being representative of an abusive relationship, that she incorporated different types of abusive situations into the video.
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Could country have a place?

First one that comes to mind is Martina McBride's Independence Day.
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