Just like a Japanese game show...
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Does there exist an "amusement park" of sorts where a person could try an obstacle course like Most Extreme Challenge on Spike or Wipeout on ABC?

I've seen these shows and thought it might be cool to try it out in real life, but I've never heard of anyplace like it and Google isn't helping me. Any of you ever seen or even been to a place like this?
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Chelsea piers offers a limited selection of American Gladiator style games.

I have only seen the poster. If anyone has Gladiated American Style please pipe up.
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Oh yeah, the so called Pure Power Boot Camp may be more what you are looking for. I cant copy and paste the spiel, but it sounds like its exactly a big obstacle course.
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http://www.cabel.name/2008/04/japan-muscle-park-ninja-warrior.html has a bit of a writeup of something in Japan this guy visited. It's based on Sasuke (broadcast on G4 as Ninja Warrior).
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Well, shucks. Doesn't look like it this time. Thanks, though.
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