There were SOME good Indian movies, after all
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Indian Movies Filter: I'm trying to remember the name of a movie from the 50s or 60s. Here's the basic storyline:

I believe it was one of those "classy" indian movies, by a famous "artsy" director, probably made in 50's or 60s. The basic story line is: Young poet or novelist, wants to be famous, spends lots of time writing his huge novel. The other great love in his life is his new wife, who dies an early death (I think while giving birth to his son?). The young writer then becomes very depressed, wanders about, eventually throws his novel into the wind, nothing seems worthwhile anymore. But by the end of the movie he comes back to claim his son (whom he had abandoned) (and who by then is 4 years old or so) and the movie ends with father and son happily walking into the sunset.

It was really an amazing movie (I know the description above doesnt do it justice). Very humanist movie.

It might be a Satyajit Ray movie, but I dont think so for some reason. I thought it might be Guru Dutt, but looking thru his famous ones I dont see this story line. But it was a movie similar to what these artsy directors did in the 50s and 60s.
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Response by poster: I can describe individual scenes if you think it will help. For instance in the last scene, the son is sitting on his father shoulders as they walk away.
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Remember any song lyrics?
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Best answer: It's got to be The World of Apu, by Satyajit Ray.
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Response by poster: oh my god, you're right, its the world of apu, the last movie in the apu trilogy! Thanks!!
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