User stats on Exchange 2000?
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Microsoft Exchange 2000 : is there a built in function or any 3rd party utility that would allow me to export a list of all mailboxes and would include info like User Logon Name and mailbox size?

The company I work for was purchased by a megacorp and we'll be migrating all of our users from our Exchange server to theirs. While we have a 150mb limit, they impose a 100mb restriction on mailbox size. There are, of course, 'special' users that have anywhere from 200 to 500mb or more; therefore management is looking for a spreadsheet with basic statistics of our Exchange server users.

I'd love to be able to export some kind of list into csv (or anything else that I could open in Excel and work with) that details usernames, mailbox size/limit, and any other info that might be useful for pre migration planning. If there's any Exchange built-in function or a third party utility that could do this for me, I'd love to know about it!
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I assume you have access to the server with Exchange 2000 installed.

1. Run Exchange System Manager
2. Browse to Administrative Groups > domain > Servers > server > First Storage Group > Mailboxes. There should be a list of the mailboxes with mailbox size, number of items, and other misc info.
3. To export the list, right-click on Mailboxes and select "Export List..." to export it as a Tab-Delimited Text file (or Comma-Delimited .csv).
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That's perfect, thank you!! :)
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If you download the free app pfdavadmin from microsoft, you can export lots of info other than just the mailbox name, logon and size. Connect it to the mailbox server and do tools>export properties, and you can export legacyDN's, folder counts, rule counts, message size limits, quota limits etc. Invaluable tool.
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8dot3, that's a brilliant tool, thank you! I wish I knew of this some time ago ;)
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