Lookin' for the national beer o' Texas
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Asking for a friend: How can I get Lone Star beer in the Seattle area? I'd be willing to drive up to an hour, and/or pay shipping.
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It used to be brewed right down I-5 in Olympia, I'm sure it can be found at one of the bigger beverage stores in Seattle.
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Go here: http://beermapping.com/maps/citymaps.php?m=seattle#

Click on all the locations you don't want to remove them from the map. Call the rest!
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is the beer that good??
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is the beer that good??

It's a decent cheap beer, on par with a Bud or Miller. Shiner may be more ubiquitous down here, but Lone Star will always be the national beer of Texas.
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It's better than Shiner, but that ain't saying a lot.
That's why I always have some in the fridge for when the taps run dry.

Quality generally isn't the issue when you need something from someplace you miss.
Plus it has the rhebuses if you buy bottles.

Vito, do you have evidence that it was brewed in Olympia. I know they owned the brand for a short while, but I can imagine it was worth it to ship the beer that far., especially since there were already local breweries. Not saying it wasn't so. In fact, in would be a neat little jab at all the "Texas is best" contingent.

Pazaygeek, check mefimail if nothing pans out.
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According to wikipedia, Pabst is the owning label at this time.
I went to the Lone Star site and after much unnecessary pain, there was a clickable map to list distributors. I saw no distributors in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho. This doesn't mean you're SOL. Probably the best way to find out how to get a hold of it is to call the brewery directly and find out who the distributors are and from the distributors find out who the retailers are. The other way is to methodically call retailers.
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I'm by no means any kind of beer expert, but, I am a Texan, born, raised, and still living in.

I guess I was always under the impression that Lone Star was on the same level as stuff like Schlitz, or Natty Light.

To me, what you want is Shiner Bock.

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Give the Big Star Beer Market a call.
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Seamus - wikipedia claims it's so - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympia_Brewing_Company
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I agree with mrhaydel. In most places in Texas, they would laugh at your for wanting Lone Star Beer. Yes it cheep, but its terrible. If you want a good Texas beer, go with Shiner Bock
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