Teutonic Art
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The Jagermeister logo (deer and cross)--is this a certain style of Teutonic art? Where would I find other images like it?

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It's just like the little shining man the atom in Riddley Walker.
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Please limit comments to answers or help in finding an answer. Wisecracks don't help people find answers.

Learn to read, fools.

As far as the question itself goes, the Jager logo takes its origin from the legend of St. Hubertus and, in turn, is supposedly the symbol of St. Hubert. Googling around for saints, symbols, heraldry, and soforth might prove fruitful. For example, here's a site of Christian symbols that contains an entirely different symbol for St. Hubert.
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Sidelight: compare the story behind the naming of Holyrood near Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Looks to me like the crosshairs are off-target.
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Posting pictures on the frontpage on the blue and grey is a big no-no. I assume the same counts for the green, at least I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd put it more-inside in future.

This is intended to be a one-off comment. If anyone wants to discuss this at length, let's take it to MeTa.
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Something like this might help you research or cross-reference similar visual ideas.
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god you people are horrible.
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