What should I use (besides Audacity) to create a simple music show?
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I am looking for the easiest program (Mac OS X, Intel compatible) that will allow me to import MP3s, record from a mic, and sequence it all into a show I can export as an MP3.

Here's the deal: I used to put together a very simple weekly downloadable music podcast a few years back, using a no-frills Windows compatible software that I have unfortunately forgotten the name of. I'm sort of the "music guy" amongst my group of friends, so it was a great way for me to put together a barebones show (music and brief commentary) so that my far flung acquaintances could follow what I was listening to.

A few months back, I decided to resurrect this project. A few people recommended I try Audacity, but I have had a bunch of problems with it. They're all solvable, I'm sure, but I don't really want to spend time learning it if there's a simpler solution.

I don't need effects or laser shows or other fancy things. Things that don't cost money are preferential. Thoughts?
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Have you tried using Garage Band?
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Definitely check out GarageBand. It is on your Mac already, there are tons of tutorials out there and it's very simple to use. You'll dig it.
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I will second GarageBand, and post a link to their podcast guide.

It should have come free with your mac.
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Without a doubt Garage Band!!! It's why people switch TO Macs...simple and very very professional...easy to learn too....

I had a Pod cast with some friends a year ago and we loved it....all 3 of us learned how to edit shows and carry it from there...

Good luck my friend
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Garage Band. The latest version is particularly well setup for creating podcasts with easy access to your iTunes library and high-quality library of sound effects and loops to use.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you. It hadn't even occurred to me that Garage Band might be useful for something other than tinkering around with making songs. I'll give it a rip...!
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