How to download website directory?
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I'm trying to download from links en masse, any software solutions?

I'm trying to download files and links from a website "directory". It sorta looks like this. I guess it's directory made with html links.

Wish I could just drag and drop the folders.

I found a website copying program but it doesn't handle spaces in the address very well. Any ideas besides having to manually click each link by hand?
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Best answer: downThemAll. URLToys.
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Downthemall rocks.
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I prefer Flashget, it integrates very well with the Firefox browser and has a great depth of tools for a variety of uses.

Hope that helps
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Nthing Downthemall and wget (or winwget).
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I came here to recommend DownThemAll. It seems I'm not the first.
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Seconding Flashget, though to integrate it into Firefox properly, as door2summer has said, you'll want the Firefox extension Flashgot.
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lftp (like wget, another *nix tool available for Windows) can do smart stuff with HTTP mirroring and recursion, wherein you download the contents of subdirectories and their subdirectories (which I don't know that downthemall supports).

wget is by far the most powerful of the two, but I always seem to have to re-read the wget man page if I've not used it for a mirror in a month or so to get all the options perfect. If all I want is to mirror a visible-in-links directory structure (such as Apache index pages), lftp is definitely the easy tool:

mkdir MyMirror
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Linky is another Firefox option.
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If FF is not your primary browser, SiteSucker is a donation-ware Mac OS X app.
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Blue Crab and Speed Download are also very good.
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