How to read PDF files on Amazon Kindle?
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How to read PDF files on Amazon Kindle?

If your answer in which I have to convert it to whatever file type(s), then please guide me in step by step process (in details if possible) to fully read PDF files in my Amazon Kindle.
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PDF support is hit or miss. If you want to convert them, e-mail them to your kindle.

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Best answer: If you don't like, try Mobipocket Creator:
  1. Download and install MobiPocket ebook creator.
  2. Open the application. On the right side, you'll see "Import From Existing File". Click on 'PDF'.
  3. Choose the file (your PDF) and select a folder to place the converted ebook. Click on 'Import'.
  4. OPTIONAL: On the left, you'll see "Metadata". Click on that, edit info like title/author, and then click 'Update'.
  5. Browse to the folder. You should see a bunch of images and files. All you need is yourbook.prc.
  6. Use the USB dongle to plug in your Kindle and put the PRC file into the Documents folder. Safely remove the Kindle and your book should be there.

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Alternate PDF conversion process from an earlier AskMe.
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Best answer: I've not had any problems reading PDF files on my Kindle. Here's what I do:
1. Save PDF on computer.
2. Connect Kindle to computer.
3. Open email. Address it to . Do NOT put any text in the Subject line or in the body of the email (when I do, it doesn't work). Attach PDF file to email and send.
4. Receive an email (in about 30 seconds) from Amazon Kindle Support. The email says, "[your email address] has sent the following files" and then has a link that looks like a link to the PDF file -- but it is a link to the AZW file that they converted it to.
5. Save link from email to computer.
6. In Windows Explorer, copy the AZW file to your Kindle's Documents folder.
7. Disconnect Kindle and read!
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(Please try my steps and then let me know if it works for you. If it does not, I'll check my steps again.)
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Response by poster: Thanks theiconoclast31, and Houstonian. Both methods works!
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