Does anyone have any experience with self solemnizing a wedding?
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Does anyone have any experience with self-solemnizing a wedding? My fiance and I are getting married soon and, since Colorado allows it, we'd like to solemnize our own wedding. Please share experiences and/or opinions, poetry has already been taken care of. Simple, tasteful, non-religious but meaningful is our goal.
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I went to a Quaker wedding where the couple self-solemnized in Seattle. Basically they had a little archway in the front of the hall where the wedding was, and stood there while people took turns standing up and basically professing or testifying why they thought the couple were such a good fit, saying wonderful things about the bride and groom, telling anecdotes from the bride & groom's childhood, etc. After people had basically said their peace, the parents of the B&G gave their okay in some way that I don't recall. The bridge and groom declared themselves married and then the entire congregation got up and signed a Marriage Certificate basically making everyone a witness to the ceremony. It was very brief. My friends hang their certificate over the mantle in their house and I'm always tickled to come in and see my name on it.
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My wife and I married ourselves. Our ceremony is here, and pictures are here. It was rather lovely.
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