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Can two iphones owners be on family plan from AT&T if one phone is an original iphone and another is a 3g iphone?

Family member with original iphone doesn't want to upgrade, and likes the free SMS and lower monthly rate. If another family member buys a 3g phone with higher rates must they be on the same (higher) monthly rate plan to be considered a family plan? What is the best (least expensive) way for both family members to have two phones - one an first generation phone and one a 3g phone?
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Have you tried asking AT&T?
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A related data point - we have two iphones(edge, not 3G) and one traditional cell phone on the same family plan with no problem.
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Same here, I have the "old" IPhone (Edge) and my wife pimps a BlackBerry and it all works out ok...
My data plan is much better and cheaper than with her phone however...
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As a warning, if you buy a new iPhone, make sure that you set it up initially as a line on the original iPhone's account (converting that account to a family plan, if you can). You can't do a transfer of service to combine two accounts (if the second family member sets up the iPhone under his or her name and wants to then combine that account with the original iPhone account) until 60 days have passed (at least not without having several unpleasant conversations with AT&T).

Be careful trusting what folks from AT&T say about this stuff, also---the sales folks, especially, aren't giving necessarily trustworthy information.

Why yes, this is from personal experience...
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I'd ask this question on Howard Forums too, if I were you.

The iPhone dataaplan is actually structured as an add on, so I don't see any reason why you couldn't have two different iPhone data plans (just as you could have MediaMax + an iPhone dataplan) for two different numbers on the same family plan.

Do pay careful attention to the issues that leahwrenn raises, particularly the part about not trusting AT&T sales people.
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