Haunted painting, Nickelodeon, 1980s: Give me back my button!!
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Do you remember this mid- to late-80s Nickelodeon made-for-tv movie? "Give me back my button!"

Okay, I'm trying to find out what movie/tv show this was...and I know it's a total shot in the dark.

Here's what I remember:
I believe this was one of those Canadian children's movies (like "The Peanut Butter Solution") or after school specials (like "Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid") that Nickelodeon used to show before they had enough programming to fill their schedule. It was on a segment on Nick called "Special Delivery."

Plot-wise, it was about a girl who had to stay in a haunted house. In one of the dark corridors hung an evil-looking painting of a woman in black wearing a black veil, and only a little bit of skin on her neck was visible. She was also wearing a button somewhere on her person. The young girl somehow gets ahold of the button in the painting, and later the woman in the painting comes to life (!), steps out of the painting (!!) and starts walking toward the girl, whispering ominously, "Give me back my button!"

As this point my 7 - 9 year old self turned off the television in pure terror. Twenty years later I want to know what happened, dammit!
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Are you sure it was a movie? It sounds like exactly the sort of thing that would be on an episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark".
posted by ndicecco at 8:23 AM on July 21, 2008

Response by poster: It does sound like it, but this definitely pre-dated Are You Afraid of the Dark.
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Mr Boogedy?
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