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Where can I get quality seeds on line? Looking specifically for beets and chick peas (trying out mid-summer planting, why not). I have a broken ankle so I can't get to the garden store and they have garbage seeds anyway. Thanks!
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I've used Pinetree for years. They have high-quality seeds and good customer service, and their packets are a reasonable size (and price) for gardeners that aren't planting huge gardens.
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And they do have chick peas.
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Oops: chick peas.
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I recommend seed savers
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Best answer: One thing to keep in mind, chick peas often also sold as garbanzo beans or chickpeas. If you get some dry chickpeas you like at the grocery store or online (out of stock right now), you MIGHT have luck planting those.

The world of online seeds is vast. If you prefer heirloom varieties there is a great list of providers here.

I've dealt with Johnny's and Seeds of Change from that list and would recommend both. I'm also very excited about Baker Creek's offerings and will be buying most of my seeds for the 2009 season from them.

Kitazawa seeds has some great asian vegetables, things you will have a hard time finding elsewhere, and their prices are GREAT for the quantity of seeds you get.

Local harvest
also has a good dealer listing. (chick peas here.)

For the less specialized companies, i've purchased seeds from Cook's Garden, Park Seeds, swallow tail garden seeds, and ebay. I've been more or less happy with all of these. However, in the future i'm going to avoid park seeds. They are somewhat over priced for fairly generic stuff, and I don't much love dealing with huge companies.

eBay should be a last resort. There are some good seed sellers there but there are plenty of inexperienced seed savers there too. Really you have no way of guaranteeing quality/purity of seeds, and since it can take months to find out if you've been screwed. eBay should only be used for things you absolutely cannot find elsewhere. That said, i've bought both seeds and live plants on eBay and haven't had a problem yet.
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FedCo's wonderful - learned of them through another MeFite - plinth or terrapin, can't remember which!
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Also check out Johnny's Seeds.
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Seconding/thirding Johnny's and Kitazawa.
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Best answer: Territorial Seed or Seeds of Change.
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RH Shumway is a good bet as well.
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