Help me identify a long lost short story!
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What is the title of this short story? Author? Any hints? About a boy and his younger brother (more detailed description of the story follows)

I think it must be a fairly "classic" short story because I read it as a school assignment, and it was in an anthology of short stories along with stories like The Lottery, The A&P, etc.

The story is narrated by the older brother. He has a younger brother who hero worships him, to the extent that the younger brother at one point breaks his arm because the older brother tells him that he could fly if he jumped off the roof or something like that. And then something happens, and the younger brother no longer worships the narrator. Can't remember what it was that happens, can't remember the title or the author.

Ring a bell, anyone? I've recently become enamored of short stories, and would love to read it again. And plus, I remember crying when I read it the 1st time over 20 years ago, and am curious to know how my jaded old self would related to the story.
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There's a good chance it might be "The Scarlet Ibis."
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I can't remember, but it sounds very familiar. As a long shot it might be "Me and Caleb" (something I read in elementary school). Not a short story though.
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