audiovox D1730
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how do i use audiovox D1730 as a pc monitor?

this device have 3.5mm audio and video plugs at the back along with an in/out switch. the problem is that i don't know any 3.5 video jacks, except the ones used with ipods/video-cameras, etc. (the 3.5mm jack with 3 rca output). do i use that cable, or any other cable which i am not aware of? (i will take the video input from the vga port of the pc with the audiovox's back switch at out position, so as to have a very light lcd monitor)
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You probably don't, unless you've got a TV-out port on your computer. Composite video is in no way compatible with anything you'll find on a VGA connector.
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Best answer: From what I can see from Google, that's just a composite input. If it's a 3.5mm jack (female), you just want an RCA-3.5mm converter from a composite output.

This should cost you bugger all ($1-2) - but certainly won't work with a VGA output from a PC. For that, you'll need some sort of converter (eg).
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Best answer: Technically, there are some systems (mostly/only laptops) that manage to output composite video through the VGA port. It is quite unusual, but the cable isn't.
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