Polypropylene recycling in NYC?
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Where can I recycle corrugated plastic in New York City? It appears to be the dreaded plastic #5 (polypropylene). I have about 35 sheets.
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I've had great luck getting rid of raw materials on craigslist for free.
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I should add that the sheets have nail punctures along the edges of them and are somewhat warped.
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I don't suppose you've got an indie filmmaker lying around who needs signs to direct his crew to their shoot, do you? That stuff's ubiquitous everywhere there's a film shoot out here in LA, and a few nail holes and some warping wouldn't matter if they were just getting tacked to telephone poles.
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Stuff like this is easy to reuse. A post on freecycle around here would have them gone immediately and people would come and pick them up.
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Posted on Craigslist, found a taker within an hour. Thanks for helping me not be a jerk to the environment.
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