Beginner kayaking advice?
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I want to do some kayaking on the Green River, however I do not know what sort of Kayak I should buy. Recommendations? I have canoeing experience but I have never been in kayak.
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I have canoeing experience but I have never been in kayak.

Could you rent a kayak before buying, to get some experience and confirm kayaking is for you? There are places that will set you out on the river with a kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid (though usually no spraydeck/skirt), and when you reach a certain destination, will transport you and the kayak back to the start.
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What sort of kayaking are you looking to do? Whitewater? Downriver flatwater? Could use some more details.
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You should get in a kayak and try it. If you go to a big store, they often have try-out days where you can try out their boats for free. But you should also find some opportunity to paddle for an hour or two and see if you actually like it at all. (I don't. I like canoes. But I don't mind a kayak on the ocean.)

And how would you characterize that river? I tried to look up some info about it and it says Class 1+, and if that's true throughout, why not do it in a canoe if you have one. and if it's Class 1+ any river type kayak should do the job. Just don't get a long pointy seagoing kayak. This description seems to support that: The Green River would be characterized as a pool and shoal river, with long and relatively slow pools interspersed with rocky shoals where the current is much faster. There are no major rapids, but you will need to dodge rocks and other obstacles, so some whitewater skills are helpful.

Looks like any kayak will do. But if you want to camp the length of it, you'll want storage room not just something to play around in.
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