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My baby LOVES to climb. Any ideas for home made baby gym to use up some energy of a super busy baby?

He likes to climb up stairs, up mommy, on to boxes, etc. Hang off the monkey bars, etc.
I wish there was one of those little baby gyms in the area where he can climb, etc with out having me pull him off stuff because it's not safe but there's not.
Since he's home all day we are always looking for something to entertain him - I was thinking of making my own little baby gym. I looked up the prices of mats, etc and they are a few hundred dollars a piece.
Any ideas for cheaper home made gym??
He's nine months so I am thinking this would be useful for at least 6 months.
difficulty: my handiness level seems to be very low...
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If the cushions on your couch are detachable he might enjoy climbing over those on the floor.

The collapsable play tunnels that you can get at Target or Wal-mart are fun. They're about $20-30 and they fold up when not in use. My daughter is 3 and still enjoys using hers for imaginary games.
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I am a childless spinster, so take my advice with a grain of salt... Why don't you get a bunch of large-ish cardboard boxes of varying sizes, cut off protruding flaps, and duct tape them all together in a mass. You can also duct tape over rough edges and corners. Come to think of it, my dog would love this, as he is also a climber (possibly part goat).
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A futon folded in thirds would give him a small climb up that he could safely jump off of once his standing balance is good. 2nd cushions (we got couple of large floor cushions, in addition to the sofa cushions. Plus the large cushions (plus a tablecloth) are good for making a fort when he gets to be older (3-4) and the futon can double as a mat for saumersalts (again when older)

If he likes to crawl through things, you put a row of chairs on their sides on floor (balanced on the top of back and front of the seat). However, you should keep an eye (or rather an even closer eye) if he starts climbing on the tipped over chairs - it depends but it may not be steady enough and he could poked by a chair leg.
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Looking at your profile it looks like there is an Ikea within a 90 minute drive - I know it seems like a lot but they have a bunch of stuff in their children's department that is very reasonably priced and meets your needs pretty well. I'd buy a small plush rug and a few of their climbing toys. All of the pieces are out and available for playing on and you'll find out pretty quickly what is a hit - there's also a great selection of children's toys and furniture at very reasonable prices.
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Slightly unzip two couch cushions and jam them on the feet of a stairmaster? =)

Stack throw cushions, pillows, cushions from other sofas &c onto one sofa and cover with a large duvet or bed-sheet so the cushions don't scatter everywhere and baby won't fall into a crevice. Make sure the highest point is against a wall so baby can't tumble too far down. Checking for furniture with hard edges might be prudent.

Cardboard boxes can have rough edges. Taping over all exposed corrugated edges might be a good idea.
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If you have a YMCA anywhere near you, I can highly recommend their gymnastics programs for babies. You don't have to be a member to sign up for a class, though it does cost you a bit extra.
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