Help me become a better essay writer.
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Can you help me find essay communities? I would like to find a place to read other people's essays and share my own for possible feedback.

I'd like to be a better writer while helping others. I would also like a place that I could post my own finished essays so that my students and friends can read them. I'm not looking for a place to to rip off other people's work, I'm looking for a place to improve my own writing.

I'd be interested in any essay forums as well.
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I feel a little hinky doing this, but I recently started a project that's kind of like what you're talking about. Here's the page for it in Projects. If nothing else (because no one visits that site, s it most likely be of much use to you) you can see how simple it is to start up the kind of thing you're looking for on your own.

Hope that helps.
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Maybe Gather?
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