How do I navigate Newark Airport?
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How does one get from Terminal A to Terminal C (and back again) at Newark Airport? I'm flying Continental and have to change planes at Newark. Is it hard to navigate the place? How long will it take to get from terminal to terminal?
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As airports go, Newark is pretty easy. There is a train from terminal to terminal. Leaves every three minutes, and five minutes between a and c.
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Should have added: I was there a few months ago. Low congestion, and the train ran as claimed.
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It's easy. They have a monorail that goes to all of the terminals, and it's free.
Here is the information you need.
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Make sure you have loads of time between flights. The last few times I was there it took a really long time to get through security at Terminal C.
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In May I flew Continental at Newark and accidentally got off the airport bus at Terminal A, so had to take the Air Train to C. It was free, clean, fast (about 5 minutes total), and when I arrived at Terminal C, I was ahead in the line of the other people who had been on my bus and got off at the correct stop. I thought the terminal overall was the most organized of all of the NYC airports.
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It's not hard to find the monorail, and not too long to get from terminal to terminal. But you do have to exit and re-enter the secure areas so you and your carry-ons will have to be re-screened - you'll want to leave some time for that, or to streamline your carry-ons as much as possible if you think you'll be pressed for time.
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Continental operates a shuttle bus from A to C so you don't have to leave one secure area and re-enter another. The link is here. Bus goes from A28 to C71.

Taking the monorail is a huge waste of time--if you are connecting at the wrong time of day (afternoon/early evening especially), prepare to stand for an unnecessarily long time.
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2nd'ing j1950, you don't want to leave and go through security again.
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