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I'm looking for a nice restaurant ideally a half hour southeast of Toledo, OH.

My family lives in Northeast OH. My mom's friend is visiting Detroit. They'd like to meet up for a nice lunch that isn't too far for either - it doesn't have to be extra fancy, but something nicer and more local than an Applebees (for example) would be great.

Any alternative suggestions for a place two 50+ year-old-women could go to catch-up and have a nice conversation are also welcome. Things like tea houses are fantastic.
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How about a half-hour due south of Toledo? I haven't eaten here yet, but a friend thought it was good. I might go tomorrow if the weather is fair enough for a bike ride.
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There isn't too much half an hour southeast of Toledo that I can think of, but half an hour south leads to Bowling Green. Honestly, I've always had a soft spot for the Easy Street Cafe in BG as far as getting together with someone to eat and chat. Most of the places in downtown Bowling Green are pretty good for what you want, if I remember.

Easy Street Cafe: 104 S Main St, Bowling Green, OH 43402

If you have people coming from NE Ohio and Detroit, meeting at the interchange of I-75 and I-80/90 would be ideal. However there isn't too much in that area that fits your needs, unless you like Greek food (the Cedar Plank is good). Most of the other nearby choices are Applebee-like chains in the big development nearby or grills for the local industrial base. If you really want I can point them out but otherwise...
The Cedar Plank: 7250 State Route 795, Walbridge, OH 43465

Hope that is of some help. I can dredge my brain for more, especially if you want to get closer to Toledo.
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How about the Grape Leaf Diner due west of Toledo outside of Sylvania? It's near the airport, and the highway going up to Ann Arbor (Rte. 23). American and Mediterranean food. Great smoothies.

Most restaurants you find along the turnpike corridor, where it passes south of Toledo, are pretty much fast food and chains.

Easy Street in Bowling Green is also a good choice if they are meeting in the afternoon or early evening. At night, it becomes more of a bar. There is a very nice coffee shop/used bookstore in Bowling Green called Common Grounds, right in Downtown. They have great coffee, tea and deserts, and it's nice great place to sit and talk. Best way to Bowling Green from NE Ohio is to leave the turnpike near Fremont and take Rte. 6 over. From Detroit, take Rte. 23 down from Ann Arbor.
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Bowling Green has a couple of nice restaurants - Easy Street as mentioned, and Sam-B's would be your bests bets.

The new activity in the area all tends to be in Maumee or Perrysburg.
There are a few good retaurants in Levi's Commons in Perrysburg, and a few more along West Dussel Drive in Maumee (I've heard good things about Mancy's Blue Water Grille)

If you wanted to stay in Toledo, Manhattans is a fun place, with good food, a fun bar and live music. Alternately, The Docks just south of the river in Toledo, is a newish place, and has a bunch of choices of food. All are a good balance of casual and fancy, have decent food, and good atmosphere especially in the summer.
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Thanks, all. It sounds like Easy Street is the best choice.
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