Where can I get this hat online?
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Where can I get this hat online?

I'm trying to find this specific style and color. Does anyone know any website or actual stores that carry them? I already tried lids.com, amazon, & adidas store but they don't have the og logo in this style and color..

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Can you get the style number from the label?
posted by cdmwebs at 5:14 PM on July 19, 2008

The hat style appears to be weekender. The particular logo is from the Sports Heritage Division. Like you, I'm coming up empty finding the exact hat. There are plenty of khaki weekender caps with the traditional three bar logo, but ...
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Is this it?
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I got as far as figuring it was called the Trefoil logo... closest thing I found was an auction that had already ended.
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My strategy for finding this hat would be to go to Live Search and perform an image search for Adidas cap. There are plenty of results and the beauty of using Live Search as opposed to Google Image Search is that the results appear on one scrollable page that is updated as you scroll. Do not just look for beige coloured hats as you may find a hat of the correct style and be able to chose a different colour on checking out. That particular logo style is often referred to as trefoil. Using this strategy I have managed to find a similar hat. I will keep looking.
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wannalol's advice + ifranzen's "trefoil" = I searched for "adidas trefoil hat"...

I got this page; the search engine shows this cached thumbnail that's missing. You might try contacting the people at that site, as it's not the same color. This Korean shoe site has the design, but doesn't even come close to color.

I think "trefoil" might be too specific. "adidas trefoil hat" has 3 hits on eBay, none in a close color. "adidas hat" has 16 pages, some coming close, but I lost interest on page 2.
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Or, if you get the style number I can have some friends in Customer Service at adidas check the status of the hat to see if it's a current style and try to find you one.
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Hey cdmwebs, thanks a lot that'd be awesome.. the only # I see is RN#90288 and CA#00411 (both those are printed on the label). I appreciate that thanks.

Wannalol that one in the link came close,and I actually like the green one. I'm in the US though and that's a UK site, but maybe I can order overseas.

Wetspot no that one has the new logo which I HATE. Why did they change the classic TREFOIL logo?? Like how mcdonalds tried to change the filet-o-fish?? Don't think so ;P
btw: your name is the name of a skanky strip club in the valley (california) ha ha

I can't understand why this darn hat is so hard to find. It's just a plain ol' adidas hat. I used to see them all over.. should've picked up more while they had them.
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No luck so far. Those numbers apparently don't mean anything to them - only the factory. We'll see if we can find the SKU for it and let you know.
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