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My .net framework is broken and I can't repair or uninstall it - what do I do?

A few months ago my windows update told me it hadn't been able to update my .net framework, which really wasn't an issue at the time and it didn't offer any solutions so I just ignored it but now my .net programs wont run at all. When they open they say "foo.exe has an encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

So I tried to do a repair install of it with the .exe from Microsoft's website - same thing, the installer crashed. So I tried to uninstall from add/remove programs and the same thing happened. I also tried to upgrade from v2.0 to 3.5 and it crashed again.

So what do I do? I can't repair it, I can't upgrade it and it seems I can't even get rid of it.
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Perhaps you can try the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to clean things up.
posted by jaimev at 12:55 PM on July 19, 2008

Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't work.
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You're not alone. If you are on Windows XP, some people have reported successfully updating .Net framework after doing an SP3 update. Another suggestion has been that, if you can find (or better yet, specifically make) a System Restore point prior to the onset of the problem, that you revert to that restore point, and then do the upgrade to 3.5 from there.
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Err, "specifically make" should have read "specifically made." If you didn't specifically make a Restore Point prior to installing something, you can't revert to that point in your system history, and you can't "make" that restore point later. Windows Update will generally make a Restore Point for you, before installing system updates, but depending on the amount of disk space you've allowed for system restore point retention, you may or may not still be able to find and use an automatic restore point made by Windows Update before you had the problem.
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I have a similar problem. A relative's PC didn't like my nephew's camera, so I uninstalled HP ImageZone -- but the PC was HP brand and came with their photo management software, so I must have broken something deep down. For two weeks .NET has been trying to reinstall. Not exactly the same thing, but as the forum link from paulsc says something in the deep logic seems to be broken.
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Response by poster: I tried SP3 with no luck and my system restore points only go back as far as April and I don't think thats far enough, I guess I shouldn't have ignored it for so long.
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