Feats of Strength
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Some time ago I saw two male gymnasts on a late night talk show (I think) who did a routine where they lifted eachother and twisted their bodies in amazing ways -- all at EXTREMELY slow speed. Anyone know who these guys are?
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They might have been Cirque du Soleil guys or a similar troop. If it's the act itself - called "hand to hand," I believe - you're intersted in seeing again, Cirque has several DVDs out. It's bound to be on one of them. (I've seen such an act at their Mystere show in Las Vegas, but that one is not on DVD.)
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Ah, found a photo, if this is what you're talking about. Not sure which show this is from.
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Response by poster: Hmm, it MAY have been these guys: The Second Hand, but alas they've since disbanded! Found this via some article by searching "Pilobolus Letterman."

I actually saw Pilobolus on 60 Minutes (I think) a few week ago and was totally fascinated with them too. Never been interested in dance too much before but what I saw was pretty mind-blowing.

Ooh, or Galumpha!
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Probably these guys, from Cirque du Soleil. I saw them on PBS; pretty amazing act.
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Yeah, sounds like the Cirque du Soleil guys. I saw them in SF and they brought a tear to my eye. They weren't identical, as I recall, though. One of them was a little bigger, stronger, and blonde, and the other was a little smaller, more acrobatic, and black-haired. Honestly, they looked a little bit like Iceman and Maverick.
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Wait... no, on second thought, that was in Vegas.
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Response by poster: Yes!

I'm now certain it was these guys: Marco and Paulo Lorador, The Alexis Brothers.
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By the way, if you like this stuff, you may enjoy Michael Moschen's work. I saw him once, in a show with Bob Berky called "The Alchemedians." Fantastic.
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Okay, maybe not so much Iceman and Maverick but more like Hans & Franz.
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